An artist's job is to tell a story.  Musician's tell story's through the sounds they create, dancers through the movements they make, and painters through the colors they put on canvas.  The images that I create are intended to tell a story of not only how the world is, but of how it could be and should be.  I see the world as a place full of beauty that stretches beyond imagination and my goal is to capture that as much as possible.
Original Oils by Evan Pruitt captures vivid moments and showcases the amazingly bright world that pull you in and let you see the world in a different light.

Who I am...

I have always thought that world is very rich and full of an enormous number of possibilities. I have pursued a wide variety of them as I studied Chemical Engineering and Physics while I attended the University of Colorado at Boulder, I have taught physics and chemistry in high school, I have painted, and I have traveled as much as possible. You will be hard pressed to find a subject or topic that does not interest me and I hope that the work that I create inspires the interest of those that see it.

Style and Method

I have been inspired by a wide range of artists from the renaissance, impressionism, and modern day. I use techniques borrowed or adopted from any of them to help me achieve the specific image that I want to create. In this way I approach every painting with a fresh perspective and will do whatever I must to create the image in my head on the canvas. That image is my primary driver and everything else is secondary and used as support.